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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jesus Camp


I know I may be late to the party on this film as it was released in 2006 but I watched this documentary today on the Biography channel. I have mixed feelings about this film. If you go to this link you can view a video of the audience reactions at a screening. I think it was most difficult to watch such an intense scrutiny of Pentecostal Children's Ministry. I just kept thinking about what a non-Christian must think about videos of children slain in the spirit, speaking in tongues, etc. In this age of awareness over the use of Christian-ese language have we forgotten that actions speak louder than our words? We must define our actions to non-Christians the same as we do our language. This film depicts children's ministry as intense indoctrination rather than the picture of salvation that we view it as. I am undecided as to my opinion on this film. The ministry portrayed I agree with about 95%.


Amanda R said...

Let me qualify my lst remark. I agree with the camp ministry portrayed about 95%. Some of the other actions taken towards the end of the documentary leave me with mixed emotions.

K E Alexander said...

Haven't seen the film yet but I imagine that it is what we could expect from a "non-Pentecostal's lens; however, sometimes we need to hear an outside voice. We can become isolated and insular and we often don't think about how the "family business" might be misunderstood or even a stumbling block to the outsider. On the other hand, Paul says tongues if a witness to the unbeliever...It's a tough call.