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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Off to San Antonio

It's that time already. We're off to the 72nd International General Assembly in beautiful San Antonio, TX. While we will make sure to take time for the kids to enjoy some of the historic landmarks such as the Alamo, most of our time will be consumed by the business sessions. This is Dave's first Assembly as an Ordained Bishop. He will be voting as a member of the General Council for the first time. There are always a few pressing issues, but this year everything seems to have come to ahead at once. The General Council needs much prayer support as they sift through the Agenda and present the General Assembly with a final form of the proposals.

Of course traveling with the family involves lots of strategic packing. The older the kids get the larger their clothes are and therefore the more room their clothes take up. Of course it always stresses Dave out at first when he sees all the luggage he must fit into the vehicle.

He always does it though. Of course the kids are never too sure of their seating arrangements.

I promise it became much for cofortable for the kids as the travel clothes rod broke mid trip. But we made it...

We are here....