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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Getting Away

Our schedule has been crazy for the last few weeks. There has been so much going on with the church and family that we haven't been able to take a moment to just breathe.

So we took off to visit some friends and just take a day away from it all.

We did absolutely nothing but just relax. This included going to the park to feed the geese. Unfortunately my camera battery died. But I did manage to get these three pics of the kids wading in the water.
I only wish I could share the moment of peace that we found by simply being with our family and friends. We fed the geese. One took a slice of bread out of Robbie's hand while he hid it behind his back. We waded in the creek. We skipped stones across the water.
If only we could all find these times of peace and relaxation in our lives.
Then we each need to accept these times as part of God's plan for restoration in our lives.
Such a simple thought, but so profound.
As I wind down this short post, I want to leave you with a simple prayer with which God has burdened my heart:
Today as I rush to fulfill all my responsibilities,
As I jump to meet the needs of others,
As I attempt to keep pace with those around me,
As I strive to live a life worthy of You,
Surround me with Your peace.
Please remind me that the restoration I so need
Is found:
in my son's mischevious grin,
in the uncontrollable giggles of my girls,
in the nature I am surrounded with,
in my heart as I dwell on You.