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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Ghana Project

Anyone who knows me, knows that I tend to be addicted to crafts. I can't sit still and just watch TV or ride in the car. I am always reading a book or doing some sort of craft. The summer we moved to Crab Orchard I was bored silly. I had just left a job in the corporate world and chose to not search for a new job until my children were settled into school in the fall. The monotony of cleaning the house quickly got to me so....I taught myself how to knit. I love scrapbooking and cross stitch and sewing and drawing and painting and....but knitting has become a favorite of my hobbies. A knitting project so easily goes in the car with me and enables me to still carry on a conversation with my family. Now that my time is so absorbed by the primary passions of my life (these include my family, of course, community ministry, and my studies at COGTS) I look forward to the times when I can knit to my heart's content.

I just found a couple websites that make this pasttime all the more appealing. The one that grasps my attention the most is The Ghana Project. Check out the link in my new blog roll. Knitters from all over donate squares and they are sewn into afghans to be used as security blankets for children treated for orthopedic ailments at a hospital in Ghana. I can't wait to finish using up some of my scrap yarn and participate in community ministry at the same time. This project is great for all those who love to knit or crochet but don't feel like they have anyone to create for. Why don't you join me in knitting for this great cause?

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