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Friday, May 2, 2008

Why am I doing this?

The easy answer to this question posed in the tile of this post is that I want to provide both my parents and my in-laws an easy platform to stay updated on the lives of their children and grandchildren, but I must admit there is more to it than simple family updates. I will of course post pictures and stories of our lives but family beware you may get more than you bargained for when reading these posts.
I’ve recently read a blogpost in which the author said that he had temporarily lost the muse to write as his life had reached a point of stability and serenity after leaving his previous ministry position. I must say that I find myself quite the opposite. I too have reached a period of stability and serenity in my life but it has caused me to have time to think through all those issues that I have always pushed to the back of my mind. After years of ministry as youth pastors, children’s pastors, outreach and evangelism ministers, and anything no one else wants to do pastors, we are in the position of senior pastors (which is still the anything no one else wants to do pastor.) There is no longer the threat of impending or arbitrary dismissal from a position based on the whims of a senior pastor. With all the challenges that come with being the lead of all the ministries of the church, for the first time in my married life I feel settled into a community. I’ve chosen to enjoy this while it lasts. The ultimate effect of such a decision is to allow myself time to focus on those things that I never had the mental or emotional resources left to do before. I have finally begun my postgraduate education after many years of placing it on hold. This has brought me to the place of finding answers and asking questions in issues that alluded me previously. While I am setting up this blog as a way for family and friends to stay in contact with our family, I am sure it will also serve as an outlet for the many issues that have begun to direct my mind and method of ministry. I welcome your comments and would love to dialogue with others on these issues that are pressing on my heart.

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Poppie and Nana said...

Hey kids, you really did well. Poppie and Nana wish we could have been there. David, it was good to hear your laugh too. We love and miss you very much