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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Last Tuesday night was the science fair at the kids' school. All three participated. Robbie was required as part of his science grade and even had to present his project to his class. This of course involved Mom and Dad and even Ms. Robin to bring him the video games and accessories needed for his presentation.

Here are a few pics of doing the experiment at Aunt Marcie and Uncle Tom's house. (We needed more volunteers!)

And here is the finished project board.

Nichola did her project just for extra credit.

And here is Nichola posing next to her finished board.

The school brought in judges from outside the school district including one gentleman from a national committe of science fairs. I didn't even know that they had such a thing. In a school with just a few students over 400, there were 262 submissions for the science fair. So the school supplied the display boards and asked that everyone put the required info on them for display in the gym.

Caitlin did a project just for fun. Her teacher asked for her to do one, but Caitlin had already decided she wanted to do one.
Her's was called Straw Wars and while not the purpose of the project it did show just exactly how big the mouths are in our family.

But guess what. The one who did it all just for fun....

Dave and I are so proud of all three of the kids and all their hard work.

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mary said...

Love the projects and the pictures. Love reading your blog, keep it up. :)