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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

He Went To Jared!!!!

I have been wanting a silver right hand ring for some time now. Dave bought me one for Valentine's day but it didn't fit and we couldn't get it re-sized so....

He decided that we were going to go to Knoxville so we could look at larger jewelry stores. The local stores we have just have a limited selection and they are not very kid friendly.

When we got to Knoxville we were trying to avoid the mall so despite Dave's absolute aversion to the Jared commercial we stopped in there. The staff was so nice. They even had a playroom for the kid complete with video games, a climbing gym, television, and coloring books. The manager came to us and offered to take the kids to the playroom. He never once gave us the sense that the kids were in the way but merely courtesy to assist us. The sales associate that helped us was not pushy. She allowed us to browse to our hearts content and never once looked at us with disdain because we were a small sale. She even went through the stock under the counters and pulled out all the silver rings in my size for me to look at.

One thing I thought was really neat was the way they gift wrapped the ring even though I was with him. If he had gone on his own and brought it to me, first I would have seen a bag like this.

Then I would have pulled out this matching gift box:

Then I would have pulled out the ring box:

Then finally I would get to open the ring box:

Then of course I would wear the ring and show it off to every one who paused to listen to my repeated imitation of a television commercial:


The ring is perfect. I can wear it with casual as well as dress

Now that I have shared with you my obsession for attractively wrapped packages, I will let you ponder on the good taste that my husband has. Even though I was shopping with him, the purchase was ultimately his choice. I was merely a mannequin to try on the rings.
Although.....the sales associate did let me know that I can come in and make a wish list to make his shopping easier, but I think I rather like my husband picking out things for me too.

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